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Currently a Grade 8 student, Maya is also a member of the A-JIS Student Council.

“Aoba has an at-home atmosphere where teachers and students accept each other’s different and unique backgrounds. This atmosphere is comfortable for students, and so it is good. On the other hand, I also think that there is some room for improvement, as well. When the mood it too at-home and frank, it might seem to lack a bit too much of formalness or professionalism, which may be necessary some times…

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A-JIS Alumni and former International Student, Haru now teaches grade 3 at A-JIS.

“I would say that my senior/junior year experience as an international school student was somewhat similar to what I suspect students in the US go through, as these are years consumed by college apps, SATs, waiting for results, and graduation. I also played sports and music, and was a member of some clubs/committees. Senior year was so much fun socially. Because we knew that we were all going in separate ways after graduation, we tried to make the most of the time we had together by eating lunch and hanging out on weekends…

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Ae is also a graduate of an international school in Japan. She currently works as an administrator at A-JIS.

“I attended an International School from the age of 4 until I was 18, graduating with an IB Diploma. My best friends since 1st grade have been a mixture of Singaporean, Japanese, Iranian, Korean, Taiwanese, Indian, and American. I spent the majority of my social time with these people, which no doubt shaped my identity. They were all from different backgrounds, yet we understood most things the same way, without having to explain…

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