About A-JIS - International Students’ Journeys

Momoko & Marisa
Alumni Momoko [University of East London] and Marisa [University of Hawaii] shared their memories with us! What is the most useful skill you have learned or developed in A-JIS? Marisa: There is a lot, but A-JIS was fun and we had freedom to make something for ourselves. My major is art right now, so I’m still working on that. And language, of course, I think a good thing about A-JIS is studying not only English that they are concentrated in…

Riona & Yoshiaki

Alumni Riona [Vancouver Island University] and Yoshiaki [National Defense Academy] shared their memories with us! What is the most useful skill you have learned or developed in A-JIS? Communication skills and social skills. When I first came to Aoba I was shy and I couldn’t talk to everyone. But they were very friendly and then, as we got comfortable to talk to each other…

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Karen & Natsuki
Alumni Karen & Natsuki shared their memories with us! What are your best memories in A-JIS? Natsuki: Spending time with friends was a lot of fun. In 6th grade, I really got close to my classmates. School trips with friends created bonds. I still keep in touch with my friends from Aoba, which is great. When I was in Aoba, it was so fun to play basketball or other many activities with all my friends.

Alumnus Vincent [Class of 2017] shared his memories with us!
How did A-JIS influence you in your personal growth? I think I learned to choose a thing that you can do. You can choose to go to art classes or do some sound classes, and both are creative things so I had lots of fun in those classes. Also I didn’t communicate much with other people, when I was sixth grade, but now I can communicate with most of the people, even though if I don’t know who they are.

Alumnus Haruki shared his memories with us! What are the advantages of studying in A-JIS? When I was in Aoba, back in Suginami campus, the school itself was really small, and the number of students and number of faculty was really small too. It made the entire environment really up-close, and a really tight-knit community. That made it easy to get to know teachers…

Neiju and Yuki

There’s no better way to celebrate being a jaguar than returning to campus! Alumni Neiju and Yuki shared their memories with us!
What are your best memories in A-JIS? Neiju: I think my favorite memory is after school activity. I did Jazz band club and Aikido. It was a small group but then I got to learn more people. It was once a week, but I enjoyed a lot because I had some opportunity to perform at outside, like at spring carnival and I also went to CJIS to perform and it was a lot of fun.


There’s no better way to celebrate being a jaguar than returning to campus! A group of 10 alumni visited recently Hikarigaoka campus and shared their memories with us!
What kind of school is A-JIS? Natsuki: Aoba was always fun to go, like seeing friends and enjoyed going to school, not like trying to study aspects of school, so it was very fun. MomokoRelationship between teachers are really close. We graduated at the same time but we are still hanging out every year, keep in touch. I think many teachers remember each student.


Currently a Grade 8 student, Maya is also a member of the A-JIS Student Council.

“Aoba has an at-home atmosphere where teachers and students accept each other’s different and unique backgrounds. This atmosphere is comfortable for students, and so it is good. On the other hand, I also think that there is some room for improvement, as well. When the mood it too at-home and frank, it might seem to lack a bit too much of formalness or professionalism, which may be necessary some times…

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A-JIS Alumni and former International Student, Haru now teaches grade 3 at A-JIS.

“I would say that my senior/junior year experience as an international school student was somewhat similar to what I suspect students in the US go through, as these are years consumed by college apps, SATs, waiting for results, and graduation. I also played sports and music, and was a member of some clubs/committees. Senior year was so much fun socially. Because we knew that we were all going in separate ways after graduation, we tried to make the most of the time we had together by eating lunch and hanging out on weekends…

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Ae is also a graduate of an international school in Japan. She currently works as an administrator at A-JIS.

“I attended an International School from the age of 4 until I was 18, graduating with an IB Diploma. My best friends since 1st grade have been a mixture of Singaporean, Japanese, Iranian, Korean, Taiwanese, Indian, and American. I spent the majority of my social time with these people, which no doubt shaped my identity. They were all from different backgrounds, yet we understood most things the same way, without having to explain…

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