Academics - Senior Years Programme

Senior Years Programme



In our Senior Years Programme we provide multiple pathways for our learners. These include the internationally recognized IB Diploma Programme and our A-JIS High School Diploma programme.

Throughout the senior years we continue to emphasize our core values of Global Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation through the multiple subjects offered to senior students.


Our focus is to further refine our learner’s communication and problem solving skills in preparation for a future beyond our school. As our Mission Statement makes clear, we are driven to provide our learners all they require to become effective collaborators and leaders of change in their worlds.  It is our aim that all our young people will have the opportunity to enter an endeavour of their choosing, whether it be:


  • to go to to a university in Japan or elsewhere.
  • to develop a start up company.
  • to work in the creative industries.
  • to work in the service industries.


The A-JIS High School Program prepares learners for effective participation in a rapidly evolving and increasingly global society as they:


  • Develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically;
  • Acquire breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding, developing through courses from a selected range of standard and higher level courses;
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions towards learning that will prepare them for higher education;
  • Study at least two languages and increase understanding of international cultures, including their own;
  • Make connections across traditional academic disciplines and explore the knowledge through different approaches to investigative inquiry;
  • Undertake in-depth research into an area of interest through the lens of one or more academic disciplines;
  • Enhance their personal and interpersonal development through creativity, physical action, and action in helping others.