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Our families are an active part of the A-JIS community

Parent Involvement is key to the success of our students and of our school community. It has been shown in schools around the world that the benefits of parent and family involvement include higher test scores and grades, better attendance, more completion of homework, more positive attitudes and behavior, higher graduation rates, and greater enrollment in higher education. A-JIS is committed to the success of our students, but cannot do it alone. A partnership of parents, educators, and community is needed to encourage our students succeed.

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Each year our school forms two special committees focusing on parental involvement: the Family Community (FC) and the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). These committees hold several meetings and numerous school-based activities per year. These committees are comprised of teachers, parents, community members, and administrators. These committees enhance student achievement through increased active participation and involvement by parents, family and community members.

If you have questions or would like to serve as a member of a Parent Involvement Committee, please contact the school by email or by calling 03-6904-3102.


Family Community (FC)


AJIS What is Family Community?
The family community organization at Aoba is called the”Aoba-Japan International School Family Community,” or, the FC as we call it. The FC’s office is located at the Aoba-Japan International School Hikarigaoka Campus.


AJIS Family Community Overview


Objective and purpose


To promote and assist with the sound physical and mental development of children enrolled at the school, in cooperation with the school and families.


To support and assist with activities and special events such as bake sale, parties, ceremonies, sports events and other similar activities.


The A-JIS Family Community plays no role in the internal operation or administration of Aoba-Japan International School and it is not involved in academic matters. Those areas are the responsibility of the school administration. The FC may, however, support or assist special occasions and events concerning academic matters such as reading clubs, events that require judging, and various academic events open to the entire Aoba family.


AJIS FC Membership


All parents and guardians of children enrolled at any A-JIS Campus are automatically members of the Family Community during their time of enrollment. FC membership fees are ¥12,000 per family per year (non-refundable). All FC members are obligated to participate in or attend at least one function per school year such as attending the General Assembly (or other meetings), serving as class parents, or helping with FC events, or performing at least one function for the annual Spring Carnival.


AJIS Class Parents


Membership: To further the activities of the A-JIS Family Community, a class parent is elected each school year for each homeroom. The duties of the class parent are to liaise between the FC officers and parents/guardians