Community - Teachers


Our teachers come from all corners of the globe, and as a team they represent the foundation of our international learning community. All are certified and experienced as teachers within the regular education systems of their home countries. All bring the best of the pedagogical practice of their home countries to the academics at A-JIS. Most all of them have taught in multiple countries around the world. A significant number of them have earned post graduate degrees in their fields of specialization. They are all inspired educators and strive to bring the best of what education has to offer to the students in their classes.


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A-JIS is a learning community where all participate in discovering how to become successful participatory individuals in the wider international context. To help maintain the energy and innovative spirit that underlies this, our teachers constantly share with each other ideas, suggestions, and challenges. As a result, their abilities are constantly being honed with the objective always being the improvement of our students’ experiences as they grow from children into adulthood.

Tools for Teachers

The teacher portal is a tool for existing teachers. It provides a venue for them to share and communicate with one another ideas that make the entire community stronger as a result. The portal offers an internal calendar, professional development opportunities, a discussion board, and all of the documents and resources they require to accomplish their missions as teachers at A-JIS.