A-JIS New School Year Announcement - It’s time to register for summer camp!

It’s time to register for summer camp!

The AJE Kids & Teens Summer Camp is AJE’s flagship program. It offers youth a fun, challenging, and unique educational experience that runs annually from mid July to mid August. The activities focus on helping participants develop greater confidence, judgment, spontaneity, and inquisitiveness. Participants develop their capacities for respect, friendship, teamwork, and collaboration through practical learning experiences: engineering, technology, arts and crafts, performance skills, drama, dance, martial arts, cultural activities, field trips, and more. Students make models, build bridges, race cars, launch rockets, learning pottery, compete in an international soccer tournament and a camp Olympiad, fly drones, make robots, showcase themselves, visit international embassies, climb mountains, raft down rivers, swing from trees, participate in water sports, learn to orienteer, and more. They are immersed in active and engaging activities every day. Topping it off, each year we change, improve, and add to the kinds of experiences available to the camp participants. As with everything else we do, we want our AJE Kids & Teens Summer Camp to inspire people, and perhaps affect a little change in the world as a result.

What are you waiting for? Go to AJE Website and register now!