A-JIS New School Year Announcement - Whole School Family Day

Whole School Family Day

Last year’s Whole School Family Day was a huge success thanks to all the parents and family members who joined us.  

This Year, our Whole School Family Day is on the 23rd September. The day is designed for your to come and learn more about what happens in our school and, in particular, your child’s class/es.

As this is considered a Family Day and the purpose is for students and parents to share in activities, students are not to attend school, unless they are with a parent.  Secondary students who are collaborating with teachers or helping with the organisation of the day are obviously welcome.

You are invited to stay after the morning session to have a picnic lunch with your family to enjoy our beautiful grounds.  

The day will start at 10:00am and conclude at 2:00pm

Programme to follow.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 23rd September.