G4-8 Leadership Camp A three-day journey in Niigata prefecture

Day 1

The students arrived in Niigata safe and sound and had an eventful first day. The teams challenged themselves as they accomplished a range of tasks such as orienteering, cycling, paddle boating and zip lining. They finished the day with BBQ cooking and a night walk under the stars. We are excited and ready to begin day 2!

Day 2

The teams engaged in a variety of activities which included river rafting down the Shinano River, potato digging and hiking. The team members worked together in making their curry for dinner. For some students this was their first time to cook and each member was assigned a task in order to make the tastiest curry. A grade 4 student’s comment summed up the experience: “our curry was the best curry I’ve had, even better than a perfect curry!”

Day 3

Day 3 started with a reflection time. Groups discussed what they enjoyed the most during the trip and also reflected on their teamwork. All teams stated the stronger bond they were able to establish through the range of activities completed over the two days. Although the trip was short, it was an enriching experience and we are excited to build on the relationships strengthened during the camp.

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