FIRST PLACE! “COVID-19 International Student Film Festival” 8 June 2020

Congratulations to G9 students, Mari and Steffani, on winning the COVID-19 International Student Film Festival competition. Their non-fiction film, “Chef’s Daily Life”, was selected by an esteemed Jury as the winning film – out of 330 entries from 76 schools in 30 countries on 6 continents (North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe)!

Mr. Stuart Morris organised this film project as the facilitator on the Grade 9 visual art project. The COVID-19 International Student Film Festival, spearheaded by Sparta Public Schools in Michigan, aimed to reinvigorate school communities affected by the pandemic with a common activity and purpose. Given the global nature of the competition, students could better understand their present suffering in a much broader context.  

Students were asked to create a film from the safety of their own homes, related to their experiences in the COVID-19 pandemic. There were a variety of fiction and non-fiction film submissions. 

There are more amazing film works from Aoba students . Please check these creations too.

The judging process consisted of two phases – Local & Global. Esteemed judges were responsible for scoring films and determining the overall winners of both the Non-Fiction & Fiction categories. The Non-Fiction Platinum Jury included top professionals in their respective fields with extensive expertise in journalism, broadcast news, and film production. The Fiction Platinum Jury was an equally distinguished and seasoned set of professionals from stage, filmmaking, and scriptwriting.

The Judges enjoyed the opportunity to affirm, award, and amplify creative youth voices during these extraordinary and unusual times. They believe that the experiences and perspectives of each young filmmaker matters, and that these films provide an important contribution to both contemporary cultural knowledge and the COVID-19 pandemic historical record.

We are accepting applications for 2022-2023