Our Head of Campus presented at an Apple Webinar 8 October 2020

Our Head of Campus, Paul Fradale, was invited by Apple Asia to lead a webinar with two other leaders known for their work in Blended Learning, Benjamin Sheridan from NIST in Thailand, and Richard Henry from GEMS Singapore, both regarded as leading schools in their respective countries with excellent reputations. Paul has given keynotes and led workshops at Edtech conferences such as EduTech and Learning 2.0 in Singapore and is known in the Asia Pacific region for his research and leadership around the confluence of education and technology and was approached by an Apple Asia contact he’s known for several years. The three speakers gave a series of related presentations with Paul starting the talks by looking at the broad considerations related to introducing a whole-of-school Blended Learning initiative, liberally illustrated with examples from Aoba. Richard followed by locating this framework within a specific school context at GEMS, and Benjamin finished by focussing this even further into a set of classroom practices espoused by NIST. Following the presentation, the three speakers held a question and answer session for the roughly 70 participants from schools all over SE Asia.

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