2022 Sports Days

At the end of April we held Two days of sporting events for our kinder and primary years students.

This year with our Senior School students at the new Bunkyo Campus we changed the format of the sports day.

On day 1 The G3 – G8 students were divided into four different color teams and enjoyed a variety of sports, such as Super Frisbee, Dragon War, Dodgeball, Tiger Tail, and Tug of War. By competing in these different events students earned points for their team. At mid-day on Day 2 scores were totaled and the winning team was announced.

On the afternoon of Day 2, 12 Game Stations were created and ran by grade 9 students. They supported the kinder to grade 2 students who rotated from station to station enjoying the various games. Under sunny skies, the children had a blast playing dunk tank, water relay, tamaire and other interesting games.

The days were full of fitness and fun! students were able to experience first-hand the importance of enjoying sports together with their peers.


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