Meguro Campus - Kindergarten


Kindergarten kids learning at the Meguro Campus.

Kindergarten kids learning at the Meguro Campus.

K2 Class

This program is for children aged 1 and a half to 3 years old. We introduce the appropriate social skills for the children to settle in and get along with the others in a classroom environment. All subjects are introduced in this class and children are guided to be independent, self-motivated and a contributor. Children in our Toddler class learn through play, crafts, music and hands on.

K3 to K5 Classes

Learners explore conceptual understandings through the six transdisciplinary themes of global significance.

The learners are involved in the Units of Inquiries that are engaging, meaningful, challenging and significant.


Who We Are– The learners explore their beliefs and values, human relationships, right and responsibilities and what it means to be a person.


Where We Are in Place and Time– The learners explore their personal histories, history and geography from local and global perspectives, their homes and journeys and how individuals are connected in both local and global contexts.


How We Express Ourselves– The learners explore the ways in which they express their feelings, ideas, beliefs and values through different ways.


How the World Works– The learners explore the physical and material world, the world of science and technology. The children inquire into how these impact on society and on the environment.


How We Organise Ourselves– The learners explore the interconnectedness of systems and communities as well as the impact of the decisions they make in their community.


Sharing the Planet– The learners explore their rights and responsibilities in sharing the resources with other people and with other living things. The learners explore peace and conflict resolution and their responsibilities in this process.


A-JIS Programme of Inquiry: