Meguro Campus - Outline

Meguro Campus offers kindergarten to families living in the area. From Grade 1 onward those students advance to classes at the Hikarigaoka Campus.


The first six years of a child’s life are the most important. How we educate our children during these early years can set the stage for lifelong learning and future success. We help children prosper by supporting their education, literacy, social, play and creative skills.


  • Our kindergarten has a very at home and secure environment that meets the children’s need for health and safety.
  • It is a place where students of all abilities feel free to let their individuals shine
  • Our teaching staff is friendly and enthusiastic.
  • All the students and teachers know each other.
  • There is always good communication between parents and school.
  • We promote cooperation, allowing students to learn to work together as community.
  • Our kindergarten acknowledges and celebrates international events.
  • We provide a very good curriculum with lots of fun and hands on activities.
  • We encourage students to be active learners.
  • We provide the students with opportunities to explore and discover their environment.
  • Aoba Meguro campus is a place that values each and every child.
  • We offer a daily program featuring a balance between teacher-initiated and child-initiated activities.