Meguro Campus - Parent’s Stories

The students at Meguro Campus are involved in their own stories and learning adventures.

The students at Meguro Campus are involved in their own stories and learning adventures.

Mr. Mikami

We have been quite lucky to be able to send our all three children to AJIS Meguro campus. Teachers and faculties have been always paying special attention to the students, which makes us comfortable. Atmosphere at school is very nice and warm. I feel at home every time I visit the school or when I attend any school event. I recommend AJIS to anyone who is interested in cross-cultural education and home-like environment. Thank you!

Mrs. Takagi

We love Aoba Japan International School

The school has a very good atmosphere. The campus is very at home and bright, but more than anything, the teachers are fantastic. The teachers are aware of each students’ needs and I can feel the love they have for the students.

My child entered school from the second semester in K3 and before she entered school, the homeroom teacher had talked to the children in class about her. On the first day of school my daughter was a little nervous. When her classmates invited her to join in the class calling out her name she was able to join in the class smoothly. As for studies, the teachers find ways to teach in an enjoyable way and it shows from the work that my daughter brings home. My second child who is now attending Aoba is really enjoying herself and talking about school a lot at home. Music class is also very good and they learn songs from mother goose, kids’s songs and songs that the children and family can enjoy.

We were looking for a school where my children would feel relaxed and safe and also have fun. Looking at my daughters being happy and enjoying going to school everyday, we know that we have found Aoba Japan International School a very good school.