News & Events - A-JIS Winter Fest 2017

A-JIS Winter Fest 2017

A message from Mr Sell, our Head of School:

Every year our performances get better and better and this year is no exception. It is clear to me that all children young and older are growing in confidence and skill. The teamwork required by adults and children alike, to produce such an event, is so important in building attributes required to lead a positive change in the world.  

In recent times, MYP has been working on learning in teams. This is because we know that in doing so their academic abilities improve (in comparison to working alone), their capacity to build collective empathy is increased (an essential part of belonging) and the power of sharing responsibility for the outcome is better understood (something that truly builds social capital in a community).

This event clearly demonstrated our social capital. Everyone played a part and thus everyone can share in the celebrations. It shows that child and teacher can innovate, take risks, solve problems and communicate effectively together for the benefit of others.

With all of this in mind, I sincerely thank you all. Well done we should be proud of our efforts. – Ken Sell

Everyone played a part and thus everyone can share in the celebrations.


AJIS Winter Fest 2017 

 The FC Community office opened the annual international market bringing a cozy Christmas atmosphere to the School and joy to our learners and families!


Winter Concert

 This year’s concert was a whole school production based on the story of The Nutcracker. The entire student body has been working with our school’s Performing Arts teachers to create outstanding performances that left us all amazed and speechless!