News & Events - Meet Mr. Tanaka, our Bus Services Coordinator

Meet Mr. Tanaka, our Bus Services Coordinator

Toshiyuki Tanaka is our School’s Bus Services Coordinator. He has been part of A-JIS since 1987, that’s already 30 years ago! Back when Mr. Tanaka started as one of the School Bus Drivers, A-JIS Campus was still located in Shibuya. Indeed, Mr. Tanaka grew together with us, moving from our Campus in Shibuya to Suginami and later to Hikarigaoka, as our student’s population expanded. Nowadays, he is coordinating the bus services for both our A-JIS campuses in Hikarigaoka and Meguro, is responsible for the bus operations, bus maintenance and the students’ schedule adjustments. In his free time, Mr. Tanaka enjoys hiking as well as reading and visiting museums around Tokyo to keep expanding his knowledge. Thank you for sharing your smile with us everyday!