News & Events - PYP Exhibition – Week 5 & 6

PYP Exhibition – Week 5 & 6

Weeks 5 – 6: Making contact and sorting out

The students have been driving their own learning as they contacted primary sources and organised their own field trips and interviews. It was wonderful to hear feedback that our students were very well organised and displayed great social skills and a high level of maturity when interviewing their experts.

The students have been able to consider various implications concerning their issue and use their knowledge to answer deeper questions. The students then took the first step towards taking action by surveying the student in our school. They have demonstrated their confidence, commitment and communication skills, while conducting and explaining the importance of these surveys. The mathematical skills they have learnt throughout the year have been valuable as they had in depth discussion on how to organise, interpret and display their data accurately.

At this midpoint, students used their self-made rubric to reflect how far they are along in the process and areas they may need to work on. Putting our wits together, we designed our exhibition logo for our T-shirt! We can’t wait to put them on!


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