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An Overview of School Renovations

We are proud to announce that many of our renovation projects to make the school a better place to be, have been completed. Here you can find an overview of what we have been working on during these years:


Science Room (Renovations completed in Dec. 2014)



Ground Lightning (Renovations completed in Aug. 2014)


Lounge / Meeting Room (Renovations completed in Sep. 2016)


Gymnasium’s Changing Rooms (Renovations completed in Apr. 2017)

Green Fields and Blue Courts

campusUpcoming renovations to the school are, once again, exciting. Beginning in June we will start the process of completely resurfacing all of the fields and grounds of the A-JIS campus.

This will include fielding the soccer pitch with plush artificial grass. We will also be installing two rubberized outdoor basketball courts, and completely renovating the sidewalks and paths around the school. Once complete in the fall of 2014, the A-JIS campus will be an even more exciting pace for our students to participate in sports and activities.

Other renovations include improved perimeter security, fully renewed and rebuilt high school science labs, a powerful campus-wide wireless internet system, and more. It promises to be a busy year at A-JIS!



The New A-JIS Reception Lobby

The A-JIS Lobby renovations are compete and have been unveiled to the school community. We are proud of the planning and work that has gone into this first step of major renovations at the school, and we are looking forward to a year filled with more changes to come. The lobby renovations are classy and simple, and feature a wood panel wall behind a solid wooden plank pedestal feature that together represent that tradition of excellence at A-JIS. The opposite wall is fitted with a modern shelving system meant to display student works and accomplishments. The back wall of the lobby facing the entrance has been surfaced from floor to ceiling with a dark blue/grey glass veneer on which you will find a direction map of the school and a wide screen television that shows school produced videos all day long. Our new lobby is the first step in a series of school wide upgrade projects.

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