News & Events - The Hikarigaoka Fire Department annual painting contest.

The Hikarigaoka Fire Department annual painting contest.

On the 11th of April, two fire Engines from the Hikarigaoka Fire Department visited Aoba. Students from Gr 1 to Gr 3 gathered around the fire engines to make drawings and enjoy the company of the Fire Department staff. Students had the opportunity to observe the fire engines very closely for more than 40 minutes, talk to the firemen and women and climb in the fire engine.


This is the first part of the Painting Competition where students make the preliminary drawing to plan a Painting of fire vehicles, firefighters at work or firefighters on training or Painting of future fire vehicles or firefighting operation.

The Deadline to submit the painting to Mrs Villa is the 16 May.
The 17th of May Ms Burdzy and Mrs Villa will nominate:

5 paintings from Grade 1,
3 paintings from Grade 2,
2 paintings from Grade 3.

Good Luck to the participants!