Online Campus

Grades 11 – 12

Aoba’s Online Campus provides students with the opportunity to study in our world class international education programs with maximum flexibility from wherever they are.

Online IB Diploma Programme

Aoba-Japan International School (Aoba) has been selected by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) to deliver Asia/Pacific’s first IBO Online Diploma Programme to high school students in Japan and abroad. Students enrolled in the pilot programme will have the opportunity to achieve the IB Diploma Programme Diploma via a cutting edge, 100% online high school program.

The IB Diploma Program is offered online through remote learning. That is, students participate in all classes virtually learning together with on-campus students. The technology infrastructure at Aoba enables students in the online programme full access to on-campus classes with a very similar experience to our face-to-face students. 

Online Global Leadership Diploma

The Global Leadership Diploma is a program unique to Aoba and has been designed to be responsive to each student’s individual needs as they design their own units of inquiry based on their passions and interests while also completing other subjects that complement their individual inquiries.

The Global Leadership Diploma is also offered completely online. That is, students work at their own pace using a learning platform with all necessary materials to design their own inquiries. Students are guided through the process by a teacher in the role of Leadership Coach. Students completing the Global leadership Diploma are also able to take IB Diploma Program subjects, offering the most responsive and flexible high school program on the market today. 

An experience to suit everyone

Leveraging cutting edge digital technology and innovative hybrid teaching and learning methodologies, the Online Campus experience in both the IB Diploma Program and the Aoba Global Leadership Diploma are designed to meet the demands of connected, collaborative and creative modern day students. The combination of on-campus and online experiences in both of these two remarkable programmes has extended our ability to create a high school experience where the programme fits the student’s needs rather than the student being forced to fit the programme’s needs. 

Key Features of the Online Campus

  • Internationally accredited curriculum and programs taught by certified international school teachers.
  • Achieve an accredited high school diploma : your key to entering universities around the world.
  • Develop a personalised learning pathway to suite your passions, interests, and future goals.
  • Interact with other students from around the world both asynchronously and in real time collaborative learning.
  • Optional virtual and in-person events and activities with fellow classmates at our flagship campus in Tokyo, Japan and elsewhere.
  • Receive access to and learn, collaborate, and create using a variety of cutting edge digital technology resources including Adobe Creative Cloud software, Google Workspace app suite, Canvas LMS, Autodesk, and many more.


Currently Offered Online Programs

◆ International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme / IBDP (for G11-G12 / high school diploma pathway)

Global Leadership Diploma / GLD (for G11-G12 / high school diploma pathway)


Online Campus Info Session for G11-G12 Online courses

Online Information Session about online campus
8th June 2023 (Thursday), 10:00am – 11:00am. – Registration Now


Accepting Applications for 2023-2024



Upon completing an Application inquiry form, the person registered as “Parent/Guardian 1” will receive an email from Veracross with a link to the Admissions Portal. The Admissions Portal will guide you through our entire admissions process and our team members will automatically reach out to provide assistance.

NOTE: If you already have a child enrolled, please input the same email address as the one you have registered. This will allow you to reset your password and access the Admissions Portal.  

Aoba-Japan International School respects the privacy of our families and will never sell, rent or give away any of your personal information to any third party.


We are accepting applications for 2023-2024