KPASS Drama Festival 24 September 2018

On Saturday 9 of our amazing MYP/DP/GLD students attended the annual KPASS Drama Festival. They spent a day collaborating with students from other international schools and industry professionals to create a performance inspired by the theme ‘departure’. This is such a wonderful event for our students as they get to collaborate, task risks, share their passion and create all day!

“I was incredibly proud of our students. For many the experience was way out of their comfort zones but they remained open minded, persisted through their nerves and at the end of the day felt a great sense of pride in themselves.” – Elizabeth Howard (A-JIS PYP Performing Arts, MYP Drama and DP Language and Literature Teacher)

Please congratulations the following students on their wonderful work if you see them:

Arissa G9, Aliya G9, Mahiro G9, Lucy G9, Daniela G10, Yurie G10, Nabila G11, Yumi G11 and Maya G11


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