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アオバコミュニティー イングリッシュスクール(ACES) 受講申込受付中 

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※ 10/18 と10/19は、学校が秋休みのため休講です。


【場所】アオバジャパン・インターナショナルスクール光が丘キャンパス(〒179-0072 練馬区光が丘7-5-1)




火曜日 Dr. Kensuke Hakoda
Hello, my name is Dr. Kensuke Hakoda. This fall, I started my 25th year as a teacher. Before arriving at A-JIS, I lived in the United States        for 30 years as a college professor, public-school teacher and student. In my class, we will focus on speaking English confidently, using      simple dramas and music. It is going to be a lot of fun!

水曜日 Ms. Hannah Guillaume Chimenti
Hi, I am Hannah Guillaume Chimenti, Master of Education. I am an American English teacher for Aoba-Japan International School. This English course uses Project Based Learning & Game Based Discussions. You will create a travel plan for an English-speaking country and make a video explaining your destination.

火曜日 12,000円/12回 水曜日 12,000/12回 両日参加 24,000/24回


Email : / Phone (Japanese available): 03-4578-8832

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【申込締切】2022年9月14日 ※定員に達し次第受付終了

ACES Coordinator
Shoko Endo 遠藤尚子
〒179-0072 練馬区光が丘7-5-1 Phone:03-4578-8832 / 03-4520-8693

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