Applying to Aoba


How to Apply


Thank you to families who applied in the first-round application period (by 15 December). The first round of interviews will be held in February 2024.  We are still accepting applications for all grades and campuses. Applications received from now will be reviewed in March, and interviews will proceed if grade vacancy remains.


The school year is 21st August 2023 to 14th June 2024. We continue to accept applications year-round, depending on grade vacancy. 

Application Flow

1. Create a Veracross Account

  • Click the red “Inquire or Apply” button above to create your Veracross Admissions Portal account. If you do not receive an email from Veracross with the portal link, please reach out to the Admissions team:
  • If you have an existing Veracross account, please login with the same email address.

2. Complete Admissions Checklist

  • Complete the required checklists in the Admissions Portal. Required items include: Parent questionnaire, School Reports for the past 2 years (kinder/G1 applicants should also provide if available), Teacher Recommendations (pre-set format), Application Fee, etc.
  • First-round application round close on 15th December. Applicants should complete all required checklist items by this date to be considered for the first round of interviews.
  • Applications completed after 15th December will be considered for the second round of interviews, pending grade vacancy.

3. Review by Admissions Committee

  • First-round: All applications completed by 15 December will be reviewed in January.
  • Second-round: Applications completed after 15th December will be reviewed after the first-round, pending grade vacancy.

4. Interview / Assessment

  • First-round: Interviews will be held in February
  • Admissions staff will contact families by email in mid-January to schedule interviews
  • English assessment and class observation may be required for some grades
  • Online interviews and assessments are available

5. Result
    First-round: Results announced in early March. If accepted, families will be asked to complete the online enrollment and pay the registration fee to secure their child’s seat.

6. Enroll in Aoba
    2024-2025 school year will commence in August 2024. 



  • Aoba seeks to admit students who can access and benefit from the inquiry-based and collaborative international learning environment that we offer.
  • English is the language of instruction in all grades. Applicants who are proficient in English and who are familiar with international education systems, in particular the International Baccalaureate, stand to gain most from being admitted. Applicants who are not yet fluent in English may also benefit from the elementary and middle school education with enrollment in the inclusive in-class support program.
  • Parents/guardians should be aligned with the school’s values and educational philosophy. Communication with families is in English, so at least one parent/guardian should be able to communicate comfortably with school personnel in English.
  • Aoba will not deny admission due to nationality, race or religion. The admissions office will deny an applicant only when it believes that it is not in the best interest of the applicant to join Aoba and/or when it believes that the school is unable to serve their specific learning or behavioral needs.

Grade Placement:

  • The cutoff date for age placements is September 1. Age chart by school year
  • The applicant’s birthdate is considered in placements for kindergarten to grade 1. Applicants for G2 and above are placed according to their completed or current grade level and upon consideration of individual circumstances.
  • K3 (3 years old): Students must be out of diapers before admission.




We are accepting applications