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Read 読む, Learn 学ぶ, Return 返す

The main mission of the Aoba Library is to support students and parents by providing easy access to both physical and digital books, as well as academic resources and publications. The summer reading program is an extension of the main mission. Below you will find a short video tutorial on how to access the library’s eBooks. These eBooks can be easily checked in and out online, even during Aoba’s summer vacation.

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The Aoba Japan Library draws from the 5 Laws of Library Science and the International Baccalaureate Ideal Libraries Guide to guide our collection management and support our growing community of students, parents, teachers and staff. See below for more information. 

Table 1. Original 5 Laws of library science and modern implications (Cloonan & Dove, 2005).

Ranganatha’s Five Laws (1931) Modern Meaning
1. Books are for use. Resources are online or in circulation, not in ‘special’ collections.
2. Every reader his book. Eliminate barriers for users.
3. Every book its reader. Physical and electronic resources are fully integrated.
4. Save the time of the reader. Meta searching for individual and sets of physical and electronic resources.
5. The library is a growing organism. Full access to growing knowledge of the library in any medium.


The IB’s Ideal Libraries, a guide for schools (2018), states:

“Libraries are combinations of people, places, collections, and services that aid and extend learning and teaching. The library and the librarian can be thought of as an interdependent system or a library/ian (Tilke, 2015). This system consists of active parts which combine to achieve prescribed outcomes, monitor progress towards them, and is efficient and active in its support.”


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