Aoba Community English School (ACES)

Guide to Aoba Community English School (ACES) 

“Now accepting new applications for 3rd term lessons”

ACES is an English lesson program developed by Aoba for elementary students to adults to practice and improve their English skills with our qualified English teacher.

【Period】April 10th to June 12th, 2024  

【Date】In the period above, every Wednesdays
*When the school is on break, lessons are also cancelled.


【Place】Aoba Japan International School, Hikarigaoka Campus (7-5-1 Nerima-ku, Hikarigaoka 〒179-0072)

【Target】Grade 3 and above, intermediate level and below

【Contents】English conversation program based on Aoba’s original curriculum.

【Teacher】Aoba’s Qualified English Teacher

【Lesson Fees】15,000 yen/10 times
*You will receive an invoice after registration.

【Registration Fees】11,000 yen for new registrations.*
*If you have already registered for the previous lesson, there is no registration fee.

【Application and inquiries
Please provide the following information about the applicant and send an email to

#1,  Name (お名前 カタカナとアルファベット表記)

#2,  Age(ご年齢) / Grade (学年)

#3,  Email address(メールアドレス)

#4,  Adress(ご住所 アルファベット表記)

#5,  Contact number(連絡先電話番号)

#6,  Emergency contact person & phone number(緊急連絡先氏名と電話番号)

#7, Roughly what is your level of English? (Introduction / Beginner / Intermediate) 

#8, If you have any preferences for classes or teachers, please let us know.

【Application deadline】When all spaces are filled

ACES Coordinator
Shoko Endo 遠藤尚子
〒179-0072 練馬区光が丘7-5-1 Phone:03-4578-8832 / 03-4520-8693

*Please note that program details are subject to change depending on circumstances.

We are accepting applications