Aoba Japan International School
Musical Theatre Summer Camps 


アオバジャパン・インターナショナルは、ミュージカル・シアター・サマーキャンプにおいて、プロの講師陣の指導のもとで学び、練習し、演じるという人生を変えるような機会をティーンエイジャーに提供します。 このキャンプでは、生徒のレベルに応じて2種類のプログラムが用意されています。 


「ライジングスターキャンプ」 (5日間: 7/24 – 7/28) ※対象:小学3年生~5年生 (費用:75,000円)*満席

ライジングスターキャンプ」は、小学3~5年生を対象とした5日間(月~金、午前9時~午後3時、7/24 – 7/28)のキャンプで、歌、踊り、ストーリーテリング(演劇)における自信とコラボレーションスキルを促進することを目的としています。  このプログラムでは、アニー、ライオンキング、フローズンなどの有名なブロードウェイミュージカルから抜粋された教材で、歌とダンスのアンサンブルに重点を置いています。 「ライジングスター」のアンサンブルは、5日間のトレーニングの最後にミュージカルショーの歌とシーンをご家族に披露します。ライジング・スター・キャンプは、楽しく協力的な環境下で、創造的なグループプレイを通し、新進のパフォーマーたちが生涯にわたって芸術鑑賞の道を歩み始めるきっかけを提供します。


「メインステージキャンプ」 (2週間: 7/31 – 8/11) ※対象:小学6年生~高校3年生 (費用:150,000円)*満席

メインステージキャンプ」は、ティーンエイジャー(6~12年生)を対象とした2週間のキャンプです(月~金、午前9:00~午後3:00、7/31 – 8/11)。 このキャンプでは、フルステージのミュージカルを、(オーディション、リハーサル、セットや衣装を含む過程)を制作します。


キャンプに参加する生徒は、ミュージカル・シアターの世界に没頭し、毎日演技、歌、ダンスを学び、演出、振付、音楽指導の熟練したプロと一緒にスキルを高めていきます。また、プロのヴォーカルトレーナーによる歌唱指導や、プロのダンス&ボディコーディネーターによるダンス指導も受けられます。 また、キャンプに参加する生徒は、セットの製作/塗装にも携わります。






【お問い合わせ】Dr. Kensuke Hakoda’s Email:kensuke.hakoda@aobajapan.jp



Nami Holderman 

Nami began classical ballet training at the age of 5 with Matsuyama Ballet Company and continued her training with numerous teachers and studios throughout her life. In 1994, she moved to the USA to study dance and academics, receiving a B.A. in International Business and Psychology and later received a MEd in the Globalization of Education. During her years in the US, she studied ballet and modern dance under the tutelage of major dance mentors including Katherine Horn, Mary Anne Mee, Patricia Mc Bride, and Jean-Pierre Bounnefoux. In 1997, she received a scholarship from the Joffery Ballet School in NYC. From 1998-2000 she danced professionally with the North Carolina Dance Theatre, and from 1999-2000 with The Moving Poets. She has taught ballet and creative movement as well as choreographed for numerous ballet schools in the US, including as an adjunct professor at Point Park University of the Performing Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 2004 – 2013. Returning to Tokyo in 2013 she has been a Performing Arts teacher at Aoba-Japan International School. Nami is currently researching the link between EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Dance through kinesthetic empathy.


Dr. Kensuke Hakoda

Dr. Hakoda is currently an instructor at Aoba Japan international school.  Prior to Aoba, he was a professional conductor of symphony orchestras and musicals, and Professor/teacher for over 20 years in the United States.    Dr. Hakoda has directed Musical Theatres and Operas for professional companies as well as community based theater / schools.  He has over 40 shows in his credits.  In addition, Dr.Hakoda is also known for his talent as a composer, with over 20 works to his credit. He has won a number of awards and honors as a composer, including the 1998 Claude T. Smith Phi Beta Mu Composition Contest, the 1996 MMEA Collegiate Composition Contest and a Departmental Distinction at St. Olaf College. Hakoda also received the 2003 Outstanding Young Band Director Award from Kansas Bandmasters Association and was named as the 2014 Kansas Federated Music Club “Composer/ Conductor of the Year.”   Recently he produced a CD “This is me!”, for a professional singer, Deris Takagi. The CD includes musical covers and his original songs. 

Dr. Hakoda holds a doctor of Education degree from Columbia University. Master of Music Degree from Wichita State university, and Bachelor of Music degree from St. Olaf College. 


Brian Morris

Brian Morris is currently a PYP educator at Aoba Japan International school. He has taught a variety of subjects including: Math, Science, History, Engineering, Performing Arts, for over 10 years now. He is passionate about performing and visual arts. Brian has written and directed 2 plays, as well as assisted in numerous other productions. He holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of California at Santa Cruz.





Mizuho Inagawa

Born in April 1996. The 64th and 66th All Japan Student Music Competition Tournament Junior High School TokyoDivision 2nd Place, High School Division Special recognition Award. Selected for its national competition.  In 2011, she was  awarded by the Mitaka City Board of Education for her accomplishment.   She received 1st place in the junior high school division of the 13th Japan Performer’s Competition. She also received the Yamaha Award and the Kamakura City Board of Education Award, Bronze prize at the 13th and 14th Chopin International Piano Competition in Asia, and 3rd place in category C at the 3rd Hanoi International Piano Competition (Vietnam). She performed Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 with the Hanoi Symphony Orchestra in the final round. Inagawa is a graduate of Toho Gakuen University Music School for Children, Toho Girls High School Music Department, and Toho Gakuen University Music Faculty Piano Department. She has studied modern piano under Kana Ozawa, Kazumi Takagi, Sachi Akutsu, Takashi Saiki, and Shigeo Neriki. She has studied fortepiano under Chie Hirai. Studied the harpsichord under Chiyoko Arita. Studied chamber music under Kazuoki Fujii and Katsushige Sato. She has also taken lessons with Dan Tai Son, Mikhail Voskresenski, Bronislava Kavala, Alexei Lyubimov, Tobias Koch, and Piet Kuiken.

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