Fostering a new generation of inspired international citizens

Founded in 1976, Aoba-Japan International School (A-JIS) is a secular school, welcoming and respecting families from all nationalities and religions. We provide faculty, programs, opportunities, and support services that allow students to learn within a challenging, inspiring, inclusive, safe, and caring environment. A-JIS provides a comprehensive curriculum that addresses all core subject areas.

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Video: An Introduction to A-JIS

A-JIS is a proud school where community and excellence are core to everything we do. This video will show you why.

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What’s Happening Now at A-JIS:


A-JIS Music

A-JIS Vocal Ensemble

Congratulations to the boys and girls ensemble!

A-JIS Beginning Band

A-JIS Music

Beginning Band Competition

On Nov. 14th beginner band had their first performance.


AJE Camps

Saturday Action Camps Start Nov. 22nd!

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