Student Life - Food Service

The A-JIS campus is equipped with a full service kitchen and cafeteria. While some students choose to bring their own lunches, each day our kitchen staff cooks and serves hot nutritious meals to most all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

A-JIS has four lunch periods per day in order to help maintain a distinct identity for each group:

  • Early Years: 11:30 (K2-K4 Rooms)
  • Grades 1 & 2: 12:05-12:35 (Cafeteria)
  • Grades 3-5: 12:35-12:55 (Cafeteria)
  • Secondary School: 12:55-1:15 (Cafeteria)

As with all else we do at A-JIS, the most important considerations with the food service are quality and variety, and we ensure that the food we serve daily represents the variety that fits the mission and demographics of an international school. The food is great!

Check out our daily lunch menu by clicking here!

Recognizing Differences

At A-JIS, success and diversity are core to our mission…which is also clearly evident in the food we serve. Our population is diverse, and often our students represent cultures and/or religions that prohibit particular foods. We accommodate for this by ensuring that for every meal served there is an alternative meal that takes into consideration the food restrictions of that smaller group of students.

No Nuts!

A-JIS is committed to offering a safe environment to students with food allergies. Some of our students are not old enough to make sound decisions when it comes to what should go into their mouths and are less able to manage their allergies.

As a result, our kitchen is nut free. Further to that, products containing nuts are not stocked in our on-campus vending machines. For those students who bring their own lunches daily, we ask that no peanuts or tree nuts be brought into our school.

The sacrifice of not having nuts or nut products in the school is a small one to make compared to the consequences a child with severe allergies could face. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

A-JIS Uses Cezars Kitchen K.K.

Since their beginning, Cezars Kitchen has been serving hundreds of thousands of Japanese and foreign customers. The Cezars brand is widely known and respected as a leader in food service in the international community. They pride themselves on treating their guests with outstanding customer care while serving the best possible products available.

Food for Education at A-JIS

Cezars fully believes that food has a direct relationship to the quality of a child’s education. Their team is committed to provide food and services that strengthen the body and mind, while promoting lifelong healthy eating habits.

Their International approach fills a very specialized niche in Japan. We work with A-JIS to provide nutritious, fresh food from all over the world. We manage a food service program that fits the school’s mission and culture.

Kitchen Principles

Cezars philosophy is simple. Passion for great food while customizing their service to individual needs and preferences. They prefer to cook from scratch and use fresh ingredients whenever possible. The A-JIS kitchen has a professionally trained chef who is passionate and committed to preparing delicious, made-from-scratch meals for his/her clients.

Their dry and frozen storage space is small. That allows them to focus on daily fresh deliveries. The following kitchen principles were created to assure the highest level of food quality for A-JIS and its students and staff:

  • High quality on-site chef, preparing and overseeing all aspects of the menu.
  • Cooking form scratch will provide our clients with healthier options and better tasting meals.
  • The menu is tailored to fit the A-JIS community’s preferences. Whether students require a Halal, vegan, or kosher dishes daily, the Cezars team makes every effort to meet those needs.
  • No rotation menu. Cezars prides itself in inventing new dishes every month for the A-JIS community, while blending the crowd favorites. The menu development period takes longer but the experience is improved.
  • Seasonal menus are based on the region’s seasonal fruits and vegetables to maximize the use of locally produced items.
  • Buffet vegetables are prepared in small batches at the last possible minute to preserve the best possible quality. The chef focuses on lunch service until the last meal is served.
  • MSG is never used.
  • Palm and peanut oil is never used.
  • They make their sauces from scratch (pizza, marinara, etc.)
  • Vegetarian choices are always available.
  • Healthy menu options are a plentiful.
  • Their beef is imported from Australia; and it is chilled, never frozen.
  • The beef burgers are 100% Australian beef. They only use rump and topside cuts.
  • Cezars only uses natural cheeses in their preparations.
  • Cookies, muffins, and breads are baked fresh daily whenever possible.
  • With regards to food allergies, they are cautious with their techniques and ingredients.