Summer School

Summer School Program of A-JIS

What we offer

  • Encourage students to be inquisitive about the world around them
  • Stimulate students’ critical thinking, which will develop their motivation and direct their learning
  • Build students’ confidence to engage in self-directed research projects
  • Students will explore their topic of interest from different perspectives
  • Opportunity to present and explain their own learning to an audience

English and academic skill building

  • Students show their learning and skills development
  • Students complete an IB PYP Unit of Inquiry or an MYP Language Unit
  • Support students to successfully complete the IB Diploma program
  • Build academic skills development
  • Community, Action and Service project plan
  • Deal with “time management,” “strategies for learning,” and “academic objectives”
  • A reflective journal outlining their learning

Summer Program by Aoba Japan Extension (AJE)

At AJE, we offer programs that focus on learning to be better communicators, in English, through doing. We believe that when children engage in meaningful ways with their environment, learning is faster and more effective. And we have a variety of programs to choose from:

  • Action Saturdays
  • After School Program
  • Summer Camp for Kids and Teens
  • Winter, Sports, and Spring Camps

We are accepting applications for 2018–2019