Family Community

Parent involvement is key to the success of our students and of the Aoba community. Aoba is committed to the success of our children, but cannot do it alone. A partnership of parents, educators, and community is needed to encourage our students to succeed.

We have a special committee called the Family Community (FC), where the committee focuses on parental participation. FC members are all parents and guardians and we work with the faculty and staff at Aoba to enrich the school life of students and build a rewarding and interactive school community.  To do this, we organize school events such as the Spring Carnival, hold meetings with parents and teachers and support students in their education.

If you have any questions about FC or are interested in becoming a FC officer, please contact us (

For more detailed information on the FC please check out the links below which provide information on “Aoba Family Community Rules and Regulations” and “Annual Activity of FC officers”!

We are accepting applications