Community - Students

Diversity: Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds

Students at A-JIS come from a variety of nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures, and begin studies at our school for a number of reasons. Some are born in Japan of internationally-minded Japanese parents who see value in raising their children to grow up as Japanese but with the capability to adapt and thrive within any part of the world linguistically, socially, and professionally. Others are born to parents of mixed national backgrounds whose parents themselves were very involved internationally in their own youths. Yet others are children born to non-Japanese people whose professional lives brought them to Japan for any number of reasons. The one thing that unites them all is their determination to ensure their children are able to attain the best opportunities that exist within and outside of Japan.

When walking through the school and the campus, one might forget s/he is in fact in Japan. The school and its social and physical environment resemble schools located in many other English speaking regions of the world, especially more cosmopolitan centres such as Vancouver, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, or New York. The children represent many regional backgrounds, interact in native level English-speaknig environment, and participate in studies that are truly trans-national.

On the first floor of our school building you’ll find kindergarten children in their A-JIS uniforms engaged in learning within classrooms that are colourfully adorned with the work they have been doing all year. Inspired by the IB-PYP focus of the early years program, that work represents the results of their independent inquiries into different aspects of the world around them. During the break times, those same students mil through the halls with each other chatting, playing, and laughing with each other, with their teachers, and with the other staff and older students they pass along the way. On the second floor, the pattern repeats itself with students in the primary and middle years programs. The third floor of our school contains the upper middle and high school grades. The tone here is very different and represents the tones of greater academic emphases, the higher maturity level of the students, and an English speaking environment that is, for the most part, fluent.