Diversity: Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds

Students at Aoba come from a variety of nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures, and begin studies at our school for a number of reasons. Some are born in Japan of internationally minded Japanese parents who see value in raising their children to grow up as Japanese but with the capability to adapt and thrive within any part of the world linguistically, socially, and professionally. Others are born to parents of mixed national backgrounds whose parents themselves were very involved internationally in their own youth.

When walking through the school and the campus, one might forget they are in fact in Japan. The school and its social and physical environment resemble schools located in many other English-speaking regions of the world, especially more cosmopolitan centers such as Vancouver, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, or New York. The children represent many regional backgrounds, interact in a native level English-speaking environment, and participate in studies that are truly trans-national.

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