We are always creating opportunities for our students to participate in special field experiences to different places around the world.

As an international school, Aoba has a responsibility to provide students with both the education and experience that will help them become global citizens. Aoba has always provided a curriculum that transcends cultures and regional boundaries.

The appreciation of diversity and difference is core to our philosophy of learning and the approach we take in the delivery of our programs. This is why we are now taking the next step towards becoming authorized to deliver the IB Programme; moreover, it is also why we work hard to create opportunities for our students to visit interesting and educational places around the world.

International Opportunities Await Your Children

As a result, Aoba is always looking to create partnerships and relationships with organizations and schools abroad. Why? Because during your children’s education with us, we want to send them to those countries for short-term educational experiences. At present, Aoba has field opportunities in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and beyond.

Depending on the grade level and school year, your children will be able to take part in international field trips to places such as Canada, Europe, the Philippines, Italy, the US, and the UK. We are excited about the range of overseas learning opportunities we have to offer.

We are accepting applications