Visual & Performing Arts

Aoba has an active and vibrant fine arts program. We offer visual arts as well as music to grades from kindergarten through high school. From the 4th grade on, we have an instrumental music program.

Completed artwork provides students with a sense of accomplishment; their creations prepare them for their transition to other art forms.

The Visual Arts courses provide students with the elements, techniques and principles of art along with learning to use various art media including computers. Students will develop a sense of awareness of the outside world through art and design.

Students will explore drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, art history, graphic design, CI design, photography, collage, illustration, editorial design and poster design.

Performing Arts at Aoba

Aoba-Japan International School offers many options for the performing arts, both during the school day and extra-curricular. Joining a performing music ensemble elective is compulsory at the middle school level and a popular course offering at the high school. Additionally, every child in the Primary Years Program from kindergarten through 5th grade studies General Music as a curricular offering.

Our philosophy of education in the Music Department is that every person can benefit from a comprehensive music education, including instruction in singing, playing instruments, reading and writing music, improvising, and study of music’s role in culture.

Aoba’s performance division also features the Beginning Band from 4th grade, which allows students to get one-to-one and ensemble instruction on the instrument of their choice. This established and organized program is a great introduction to the world of instrumental performance. In addition to Beginning Band, the following extra-curricular ensembles are offered by the Music Department:

  • Hand Bell Choir
  • Junior Hand Bells (From 1st grade)
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Advanced Elementary Band
  • Group/Private instrumental lessons for all ages

The Visual Arts Courses

Our Visual Arts program at Aoba-Japan International School is inquiry based.

Through a series of art projects, students develop their knowledge of different art forms, skills, techniques and the understanding of creative processes.

The different units of work provide students with the elements, techniques and principles of art along with learning to use various art media including computers.

Students use the lens of visual arts to investigate issues that are close to them to make connections with the real world.

Students record their learning in their process journal, which allows them to develop their creative and critical thinking. In the process journal they record their research of art movements, critical analyses of artworks they study, their artistic intentions, and their reflections on what they have done, what they have learned and how they can apply the acquired skills to future projects.

In MYP we provide students with opportunities to learn outside school and field trips to museums and galleries are organized, as well as encounters with artists and participation in different art competitions.

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