Our Core Values

Core Values and Universal Attributes

We aim to develop…

Global Leaders

Global leadership is a mindset that enables us to initiate, lead, and participate in socially responsible actions. Global leaders take action through a holistic, balanced, and reflective framework. They lead with an understanding of multiple perspectives related to physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural, and spiritual domains.

Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Entrepreneurship and innovation are core to social responsibility. They involve the discovery and application of knowledge and ideas to improve the human condition. Entrepreneurs innovate by generating and applying new ideas designed to impact the world in positive ways.

Effective Communicators

Effective communication involves both imparting and exchanging ideas in a clear and concise way to produce desired results. Effective communicators are active thinkers and attentive listeners who offer ideas openly and weigh them against the thoughts and ideas of others with their integrity maintained.

Wise Risk Takers

Wise risk takers have the courage to attempt new and untested things in order to achieve their goals. They use discerning and analytical thinking to identify potential and manage risk. They see solutions instead of problems, possibilities instead of obstacles, and probabilities instead of futility.

Effective Problem Solvers

Effective problem solvers are open-minded and see problems from multiple perspectives. They can analyze problems in order to understand, assess, and identify possible solutions. They act on solutions that are designed to make the world a better place to live.

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