Support Program

Support Program Goal/Philosophy

In keeping with our school mission, our goal is to develop globally-minded people who are inspired to learn, develop as learners, take risks and lead change in the world. As a school, we understand that students learn at varied paces and in different ways. The Support staff at Aoba work collaboratively with all faculty and staff to provide a fully inclusive education within the four programs operating in the school, the PYP, MYP, DP, and GLD. 

How It Works

  • The Support staff at Aoba work collaboratively with all faculty and staff to provide a fully inclusive education within the classroom setting 
  • We address the educational and wellbeing needs of all learners by using a co-teaching model to collaboratively co-plan, co-teach and co-assess students at Aoba 
  • Using the co-teaching approach, we ensure that all students can access and fully participate in learning within their student teams, supported through differentiation and high impact teaching strategies
  • Inclusion is embedded within our school culture and everyday practices

Types of Support

Terminology Staff Responsibilities What it looks like
Communication Support Reduce communication barriers for students when reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. Literacy classes are co-planned, co-taught and co-assessed with the subject teacher and a support teacher.
Curriculum Support Reduce learning barriers so that students can access the curriculum by providing academic accommodations or modifications. Individual academic needs are identified and addressed using targeted differentiation strategies so that all students can access the curriculum.
Wellbeing and Behavior Support Reduce barriers for students who are developing conventional behaviors or social and emotional skills. Individual wellbeing or behavioral needs are supported through whole-class SEL lessons or in some cases, counselling.
Environmental Support Reducing physical barriers for students who have individual visual, auditory, speech-language, mobility or sensory needs. Individual physical or sensory needs can addressed by making adjustments to the learning environment, additional or modified equipment. 

Support Outside of the School Setting

Our holistic approach is conducted in partnership with all relevant stakeholders including leaders, teachers, school counselors, students, parents and community members, relevant external clinical specialists. Our Support staff can work with you and provide strategies which can be implemented outside of the school setting to attain consistency and help our students thrive in all environments.


We are currently building out this support page so please check back in the near future for more updates and information on our support program.

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