Neighborhood Programs

We see our relationship with the communities surrounding our campuses as an important partnership in the education of our students. We make it a point posititively contribute to the overall diversity, activty and growth of these communities. As part of our commitment to doing this Aoba hosts a number of programs for the benefit our neighbors.

Aoba Community English School (ACES) Now accepting applications for next season

An English lesson program developed by Aoba for adults (over 18 years old) to practice and improve their English conversation skills with our native English speaking teachers.

After School Program Now accepting applications!
*The program for external students will be available from next semester.

Aoba provides a series of engaging activities every weekday after school on our Hikarigaoka Campus, where students learn through thought and action while developing their English communication skills as they collaborate with students from Aoba.

Aoba Summer Program

A camp style program for young kids to learn english and make friends through experienced based learning from Maths, Music, Sports and Art.


To inquire or register for any of these programs please contact us at

We are accepting applications for 2023-2024