ASP for External Students

How ASP works

Our After School Program (ASP) at Aoba provides a series of engaging activities every weekday after school between 15:45 and 17:15 that:

  • Continues to help our young people learn through thought and action.
  • Continues to help develop communication in English and collaboration with others.
  • Develops leadership, creativity, empathy and fair play.

【Grades】For kinder 3 to grade 12

【Dates】August 28th, 2023 – January 19th, 2024

【Place】Aoba Japan International School, Hikarigaoka Campus (7-5-1 Hikarigaoka, Nerima-ku, Tokyo)

Hours3.45 pm – 5.15 pm

No Session Dates】The detail will be informed later.

【Cost】 50,000 yen each activity (+11,000 yen initial registration).

【Application】Register Here

※Application deadline: By 15th September for external students

【Details】Click here to read more details.

【Payment】Please make payment as per the invoice sent to you after application.

※ If payment is not received after the payment deadline, the application will be cancelled.

※Please note that there are no refunds after payment.


ASP Offerings

Performing Arts
Street Dance (G1-6)
Classical Ballet (G3-6)
Performing Arts (G6)
K-Pop Dance (G1-3)
Music for Fun (K4-G3)
Chamber Ensemble (G4-6)
Guitar Practice (G5-9)
Hand Craft (Kinder-G1)
Pottery (G6 up Max 6 )
Pottery (G1-3)
Art & Craft (Kinder-G1)
Multi Sports/Jungle Play (Kinder)
Classical Ballet (G3-6)
Football (Soccer) 1 day/week (K4-G6)
Basketball 1 day/week (G4-6)
Board Game (G2-5)
Chess & Shogi (G1-3)
Yokai News (G5-9)
Science Club (G3-6)

Our Team

ASP Coordinator—Shoko Endo

I’m Shoko. I’ve been at Aoba for almost a quarter century.  Leaving my position as a teacher, I will be planning and managing ASP, as well as planning and managing events for the entire school.  My long years in the classroom will hopefully be beneficial in planning meaningful ASP programs, trips, and events that are linked to our Core Values.  

Athletics Director—Nicolas Dhuez

As the athletics director (AD), I oversee all aspects of our athletics program, including scheduling, budget preparation, promotion, compliance, and facility use. The AD collaborates with other ADs and coaches in leagues about scheduling issues as well. We also speak with league officials about subjects such as setting and adapting league rules.

We are accepting applications for 2023-2024