Education Technology at A-JIS is a big part of how, where, what, and with whom we learn. Throughout your learning journey at Aoba-Japan you will be engaging, collaborating and creating using a variety of digital resources.

Digital literacy is indisputably the most important skillset for any 21st century learner. The tools and access to knowledge provided by the internet and other technologies have blown the doors to academia wide open. Now the only limit to learning is your own imagination.

Education Technology at Aoba-Japan International School (A-JIS) provides students with the opportunity to integrate a vast array of digital tools into each and every learning activity they experience. Whether using the internet to communicate with a class in Africa, or programming their own computer games, A-JIS learners are equipped with the 21st century digital literacy skills they need to survive—and thrive—in an increasingly interconnected and high-tech world.

Resources on Edu-Tech at A-JIS:

Our Edu-Tech Website includes information on BYOD requirements (iPad and MacBook), as well as additional ICT resources and FAQs regarding everything from device security to our Engage Parent Portal app.

A-JIS Edu-Tech Website

A-JIS is pleased to announce a partnership with Apple Japan offering special discounts and in-store activities for all our families! You can access our custom Aoba-Japan Apple Store at the following link (Japanese only):

Aoba-Japan Apple Store

We are accepting applications for 2020–2021