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K4 Little Santa helpers in action

Tis the season to be jolly! As part of their UOI “Sharing the Planet” K4 has been cultivating plants into toys and crafts. They took on a full time job as Santa’s little helpers. Day in and day out they created gifts to send off.


K4 selected a range of people they knew. People who made it to the nice list included parents, siblings, teachers, and school staff. Today, K4 sneaked around school and delivered the gifts!

Santa’s little helpers knocked on the door, invited the lucky selected people to come into the hallway for a quick surprise and wished them a merry Christmas! Watch them in action:



Santa’s little helpers were taking their jobs very seriously. Look how focused they were making their handcrafted presents to their favorite teachers!


Handbell Performance at Daikanyama

Our Handbell Choir celebrated the season with their performance at T-SITE “Tsutaya – site” in Daikanyama.

A-JIS Handbell Choir is making a mini concert for three years in row and every year many people stop by to see them perform. In the past years, more than 200 people came and enjoyed the performance.

They played three songs this year and finalized performing one more song because the audience requested an encore. Students were proud and happy to receive such a positive feedback from the audience!

Take note of the following address because you can’t miss them performing on next year’s Christmas!


Handbell Performance at Daikanyama
Dec 11th 16:00-16:30
Daikanyama TSUTAYA hall
17-5 Sarugakucho, 渋谷区 Tokyo 150-0033



*More about our Handbell choir

“We would like to announce that there are openings for three handbell ringers. Please join us if you are G5 upwards and with experience in any music activity.” – Mr. Koike

A-JIS GLD students visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs


As a part of our Global Leadership Diploma study, G11 GLD students has taken a field trip to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Japan on December 8th.




Students has observed the facility and listened a lecture given by Japanese diplomats.
After the lecture, students had a interview with one of the Japanese diplomats regarding the issues they currently face.



Meet Mrs. Kimura, our School’s Admissions Director

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” – Albert Camus


Where are you from and how long have you been living in Tokyo?
I am originally from Osaka, Japan and I have lived in Tokyo since 2002.


Have you lived or worked in other countries?
I attended university in Boston, USA. Besides that, I have travelled to many places, but have never lived or work outside of Japan.


What did you study, why, and what did you like the most?
I attended university in Boston, specializing in entrepreneurship. Our university would start the first year by putting us into groups of about 50 students, giving us start up money of about $5,000, and we would need to start a company. Before opening a textbook or teaching us the logistics of the business world, we were able to get hands on experience, that means, experiencing hardship and success before learning about it. This experience was so effective as it gave all the students insight into which areas of business (finance, marketing, HR, etc) we wanted to concentrate on. I wish we could have our students experience something like this.


What are your relevant work experiences until now?
I started working in an investment bank in Tokyo right after I graduate university. I worked for 10 years, until I decided to start my own business, after all, my university specialized in entrepreneurship! After a short while, I joined A-JIS.


Since when are you working in A-JIS?
I’ve been working here since December of 2012.


What are your roles here at A-JIS?
I am the Admissions Director here, giving tours and information sessions to prospective families. I also conduct interviews with the relevant Principal to students who wish to study here.


What do you like most about your profession?
I love it that I get to meet all sorts of families with various backgrounds. I also enjoy being able to share all of the wonderful things our school is doing.


What do you do for fun?
I am frantic about baseball, and I am either watching professional baseball on TV, or at the stadium, if I am not cheering on my sons’ playing baseball! I also enjoy reading, because I get to have experiences through reading that otherwise would not.


Do you have any special sayings or expressions?
I try to remind myself, and my children, to always be modest, to never take anything for granted, and to appreciate everything we have.


Is there something interesting about yourself you would like to share?
I am a third-generation Korean born and raised in Japan. I have been fortunate to have attended an international school from K to G12, and to receive the IB Education. I was never forced to think a certain way, or to behave like a person from a particular country. I was able to appreciate myself for who I am, as an international citizen in this generation, to appreciate my ancestors from Korea and to love Japan as my home country. I hope that our students can feel the same when they graduate A-JIS. After all, if we wore Halloween costumes all year long, it would never matter what our skin or hair or eye color is. We are all international citizens!


Parent Workshops

A-JIS hosted four parents workshops at BBT offices in Kojimachi on December, 5.


1.  PYP – Programme​​ of​​ Inquiry 
In this workshop parents looked at how our Programme of Inquiry from K3 to Grade 5 is organized at A-JIS.


2. PYP – ​​What ​​is ​​this ​​thing ​​called​​ THRASS?
Phonemic awareness is an undisputed predictor of early reading and writing success. At A-JIS we wanted to make sure all our teachers know and understand what phonemic awareness is and how it can support early literacy. In this workshop parents could find out about ways they can support their child at home.


3. MYP/DP – Extended​​ Essay​​ &​​ College​​
This workshop reviewed the Extended Essay and the process students will follow. It explains the timeline, what the expectations are of the students at each stage and how the essay is assessed. We also suggested various ways parents can support their children to do well in this assessment. We also explained the current support we have for G10-12 students for college selection and application.


4. MYP/DP – ​​Personal​​ Project  
This workshop reviewed the Personal Project and the process students will follow. It explains the timeline, what the expectations are of the students at each stage and how the Project is assessed. We also suggested various ways parents can support their children to do well in this assessment.