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Supporting your child to learn English

What can parents do at home to support their child to learn English?

Please find below some information on how you can support your child at home to learn English.

The British Council organisation have developed some guides in a number of languages to assist you at home to support your child.

We hope that you find these useful.

Jaguars U8 and U9 in HJSL

Well done to U8 and U9 for their first three soccer games in the local league HJSL!

U8 and U9 just had their first three soccer games in the local league HJSL last weekend. Around 200 people from local schools were at school for the tournament and all the Aoba team parents joined us to watch their children play. Everyone seemed very satisfied and happy!


U8 lost two, won one – a great performance considering almost all of them were beginner.

U9 won two, lost one – they developed a beautiful teamwork and are still on the road for the first place.

Great job Jaguars! Follow our soccer team

A Visit with a Difference

This week, we are visited by Sanskriti the Gurukul School from Assam in India. Twenty-two teenagers and educators flew in, came to school, participated in activities, are now travelling around Tokyo and will visit a local school for cultural exchange before heading off to Kyoto and finally back to home.  The difference though is that the programme – from airport pickup to settling into their hotel, to daily activities, sightseeing, connection and coordination with our neighbour school – has all be arranged by learners taking our Global Leadership Diploma (GLD).

It felt odd when staff asked about the details of the programme and we had to refer them to GLD learner.  However, it’s a great feeling when you see that young person answering the questions and explaining the details.  


A great learning opportunity arose when one of the GLD learners who had played a major role in organising the programme fell ill.  Everyone else had to reorganise to make sure the visitors were looked after.  


GLD team also invited PYP learners to create a fashion show for our visitors. Our Indian counterparts gave us back a fantastic show about the Indian clothing and dance forms. Read more here.

By offering opportunities like this, young people quickly learn how to manage themselves and others and we learn to be able to trust them to rise to the challenge.

One of the lead teachers from Sankriti the Gurukul School sent us a message thanking our students for their great support: ‘Let me begin by mentioning just how incredibly supportive and patient your students have been with us all through the day. In particular we would like to commend Ryuki, Yuka and Yaseen for being excellent ambassadors of this magnificent country and of their school.’ Paarth Garg, Sankriti the Gurukul School, Assam, India

Five-Day Residential Trips

The five-day residential trips are designed to connect our learners to important cultural aspects of Japan, build on each other as our learners grow and develop, get our learners into the ‘habit of learning’ during a trip, focus on enhancing our MYP curriculum, and broaden our learners’ horizons.

Each five-day trip is tied directly into curriculum and provided unforgettable memories. Look through their photo albums:

Grade 6: Gunma / Tochigi


Grade 7: Hiroshima / Miyajima


Grade 8: Ise-shima


Grade 9 & 10: Hokkaido

Gooo Jaguars!

Our team AJIS Jaguars won the game against the Yokohama International School with a final score of 4-3!

Congratulations to Coach Nico and the team and wishing them good luck for the Saturday 7th game against Nishimasu International School and the British School of Tokyo.


The first matches will take place on Saturday October 7th at Aoba-Japan International School for the following categories: U8 and U9 Jaguars.  The appointment will be at 9:00am at Aoba and the end of the matches will be at 15:25.

You are all welcomed to support the AJIS Jaguars! Goooo Jaguars!!!