An Interview with Mr. Paul Fradale 12 February 2016

Sitting at his desk that he constructed from Japanese Elm (ケヤキ), Mr. Fradale has a welcoming smile and directs me to sit on the couch so we can begin our interview.

The interview started with him asking, “What would you like to know?”

Where are you from and how long have you been living in Japan?
“I’m originally from New York and later moved to Hawaii. I have been living in Japan for 14 years. I’ve lived in Kanazawa, Fukuoka, and now Tokyo, though my wife and I recently purchased a 125yo farmhouse in Tochigi we will renovate to become our home.”

Where did you enjoy living the most?
“That’s a question that depends on what you look for in an area. I really liked the history and culture in Kanazawa, daily life in Fukuoka, and Tokyo is great job-wise. In addition to living in these places I have been to all but 2 prefectures and plan to visit those soon.”

What are your hobbies?
“I have three main hobbies, which are mountain biking, wildlife photography, and woodworking. Both hobbies I regularly enjoy, especially on my weekends and down time. My photos are here.

What are you roles here at the school?
“I have two roles here. I am the ICT Coordinator for all campuses: in that role I make sure that the IT support team is helping the teachers and with the implementation of the new student info system. In my role as MYP coordinator my main focus is the MYP authorization. Next year I am slated to become the Director of a new Blended Learning programme.

How about a quote?
“I joined Aoba because I want to give rural children in Japan the opportunity to get an international education without leaving their hometowns. In addition, it is great to have the opportunity to build something new.”

Is there something interesting about yourself you would like to share?
“I am an ocean person. I was a SCUBA instructor in Hawaii with 3000 dives under my belt, was a licensed ship’s captain, and have been towed through the water by stingrays and caught sharks by hand when I worked as an aquarium biologist.”

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