A-JIS Summer School 2018 6 June 2018

This year’s Summer School will be from June, 25th to July, 19th, 2018.

What we offer

  • Encourage students to be inquisitive about the world around them
  • Stimulate students’ critical thinking that will develop their motivation and direct their learning
  • Build students’ confidence to engage in self- directed research projects
  • Students will explore their topic of interest from different perspectives
  • Opportunity to present and explain their own learning to an audience

English and academic skill building

  • Students show their learning and skills development
  • Students complete an IB PYP Unit of Inquiry or an MYP Language Unit
  • Support students to successfully complete the IB Diploma program.
  • Build academic skills development
  • Community, Action and Service project plan
  • Deal with “time management”, “strategies for leaning”, “academic objectives”
  • A reflective journal outlining their learning

Download the booklet 

We are accepting applications for 2018–2019