Secondary PTC 8 November 2018

Aoba secondary students are having their parent-teacher conferences today on Thursday, November 8th.

The goal of the Secondary PTCs is to give students a chance to share insights into their own learning and progress with their parents. Students prepare for the PTCs by looking at data reflecting their academic achievement in four areas:

1) Knowing & Understanding, 2) Investigating & Developing, 3) Applying Knowledge, 4) Evaluating & Responding as well as four skill areas: 1) Critical Thinking, 2) Learning Process, 3) Teamwork, and 4) Communication.

Once they have had a chance to interpret this data they then reflect on their successes, challenges, and goals.

At the PTC students lead the discussion by talking about the successes, challenges, and goals the reflected on and reasons for them. Leading on to that, once students have shared their insights they have the opportunity to discuss how their teachers and parents can support them and also discuss how they will know they are improving.

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