PYP Exhibition in full swing 8 April 2019

As a culminating project for the primary years programme, the fifth graders are working on the
Exhibition, which is a student-initiated inquiry project. Students are investigating issues in the world
that are of interest to them and taking actions to contribute to the improvement of these situations.

The PYP exhibition is currently in week 3 for their preparations for their projects.

During which students are busy finding primary sources to aid their research. They are making initial contacts to experts in fields related to their issue and considering places for possible field trips. They are busy composing emails and completing all the paper work involved in setting up field trips. They are also setting up experiments to make sense of their research. At the same time, they are designing surveys to send to target groups to collect primary data.

On Thursday, the students went to Hikarigaoka library to explore our community resources and students found some very useful books for their research.

Combining all their creative ideas, the student design team, consisting of 4 students, have been working on creating a logo to be used for our Exhibition T-shirt.

This research and preparation is already leading to immediate change. We are continuing to see examples of our students taking action to make the world a better place. For example by picking up litter, helping other children in need, being considerate of the elderly or just raising awareness.

We are very excited to see what this group of Grade 5 will continue to create.



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