Tackling Waste in our Environment 4 December 2019


Our objective of this Group 4 Project was to get a better understanding on how we can better deal with the waste in our communities through different sub-topics that cover our broad topic “Tackling Waste in our Environment”.


What you did in the 2 days:

We started with researching a topic we were interested in as a group that is related to the broad topic chosen for the class which was “Tackling Waste in our Environment”.  

The groups were assigned based on the different science classes we took. On 15 Nov 2019, we visited the Nerima Incineration Plant to understand more on how waste is treated and gather some data that could be essential to our project.

The rest of the day was dedicated to individual groups creating the outline of their posters.   

The following day, 16 Dec 2019, we had around 5 more hours to complete our poster and practice presenting.

Finally, we did a 5minutes presentation in front of our teachers, GLD students, and 12th graders.


Learning points:

This group 4 project was a mixture of Chemistry and Biology. Each group focused on a different topic that correlates to our broad topic which was “Tackling Waste in our Environment”. Even though we chose our own sub-topics and an issue, we all had to answer the focus question which was “How can we better deal with waste in our communities?”. The field trip to the plant institution allowed us to learn how the city dispose waste in Tokyo.

Written by: Alice Dyke and Emiko Kanda (G11 students)

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