The Blended Learning Experience: Part 3 13 March 2020

Meaningful online based learning in action. Full class activities, small groups and individual projects are taking place every day at Aoba.

Japanese Language Acquisition: Phase 1 & 2

The Japanese language acquisition students are leveraging Google Meet to connect with their teacher and fellow classmates. Phase 2 students recently had a group presentation they had prepared the week before, and Phase 1 students listened to the presentation via Google meet.


You can view a video of the audio presentation here


After the presentation finished, Furuya sensei showed a Youtube video about how to make the ORIGAMI dolls. In conjunction with this instruction document sensei  shared with them in advance, she explained what needed to be written on the colored paper in Japanese. Using colored paper including Origami paper provided by their Sensei the Friday before school, and pens and glue which they prepared themselves students took to the task of creating Hina Doll Origami. Most of the students finished their work in the class period, took a photo of their work and uploaded it to ManageBac.

DP: Chemistry

Pramod Seena, chemistry teacher for DP students shares her thoughts on one of their lessons this week.





“E-learning is very effective in DP classrooms utilizing online textbooks and other online resources. We gathered in hangout/ google meet, interact with each other through text or voice. There is increased participation and engagement with learning resources/ tools like Kognity, Managebac, etc.”












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