The Blended Learning Experience: Part 1 4 March 2020

The school closure has not slowed down learning at Aoba. Instead leaning on the strength of our blended learning tools and culture our students and teachers have picked up right where they left off.

Here are a some highlights of lessons that have taken place over the past 2 days.

Grade 7 Math

Grade 7s are learning about scale factor and scale drawing- their project is about creating a floor plan for a house that must include at least:
  • A living room
  • A kitchen
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • A garage
  • At least one room is trapezium shaped and one room a parallelogram ( they are investigating the formula for finding area of a parallelogram and Trapezium)
below are samples of two teams work from this lesson, they have just started making a rough draft of their floor plans. They will continue develop these plans for the next few lessons. This includes, fix a scale for their drawing and do all the calculations for determining the area for the house and rooms within.
Their teacher Gayatri Bhavaraju is quite excited and hopeful for the kids to learn the basics of scale drawing.


Grade 7 Drama

In Drama class grade 7 students researched, analyzed and created monologues.
Elizabeth Howard shared a bit about the class experience yesterday;


A team sharing and discussing there findings from their monologue research

“Today during Drama class we started like any lesson, checking in! But instead of sitting in a circle sharing our feelings we joined a google meet and shared our feelings via the chat. After this, students warmed up in pairs over google hangouts and then completed a research task exploring what monologues are. Students worked in their teams to analyze examples of monologues. Students then selected a monologue, rehearsed it and made a video recording of their performance. At the end of the lesson students successfully uploaded their work to Managebac and joined the google meet to check out! The Grade 7’s are demonstrating impressive self management skills and teamwork as they work and support each other during online lessons.”

Below is Daito Hono’s Monologue that he kindly allowed us to share. Thanks Daito!


Check back for more blended learning updates this week.

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