WCBF Baseball Event at Aoba!! 11 November 2020

World Children’s Baseball Foundation (http://www.wcbf.or.jp/index_eng.html) came to Aoba to introduce and enjoy the game of baseball to our G6 – G8 students, on November 11, 2020.

Mr. Munenori Kawasaki, the famous ex Japanese Professional and Major League baseball player, who also played for the Japanese national team, greeted our students.  Alongside him were Ms. Natsuki Kobayashi and Ms. Ayako Rokkaku, ex Women’s Baseball Japan National Team members, and Ms. Saho Taguchi, ex Women’s Baseball player, and other coaches.

On the very sunny and warm day, our students spent 2 hours with the coaches practicing fundamental drills, followed by mini-games.  Our students were all in laughter as they learned to play catch and swung the bat, while our baseball-experienced students assisted others.  They surely were able to have a taste of the game!

Thank you to WCBF for offering to run this workshop event for us, for all others involved in preparing and running the event.

Click here for the video of the event!!

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