Meguro campus celebrated Spring Carnival! 16 April 2021

This year’s Aoba Spring Carnival looked quite different. Instead of having it together with Hikarigaoka campus, we had to make adjustments to keep everyone safe. The Family Community parents did a wonderful job in making this day a success. They collaborated with the faculty and staff in creating a fun day for all the children. Throughout the day, lots of activities were set up for the children to participate in.
Our yard was transformed into three different game stations, including bowling, fishing and water play. The music classroom was transformed into an obstacle course where the children had to walk and jump on different equipment. We also had the art classroom where children decorated a wooden frame and had their class photos placed inside.

Throughout the day, lots of people from the community admired the decorations outside the school. We are very thankful for all the help the Family Community parents provided. Without their help, this day would not have happened!

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