Aoba’s graduates excel again 6 August 2021

Congratulations to our Class of 2021 students for successfully completing the IB Diploma Programme!  

It has been 2 tough years of dedication for all DP students and teachers around the world.  

Of the students who received the full Diploma, 1 student received the Bilingual Diploma.  This year’s Aoba’s highest was 42 points with 25% of students achieving 40 points and above, and 41%  achieving 36 – 39 points. This year’s average is 36 points, which was higher than the global average of 33. The average grade obtained by the diploma students is 5.68. 

Since our first DP graduates in 2018, our students have demonstrated consistent academic growth in all areas. This growth is reflected in our university acceptances as well, with the school now supporting  a number  students gaining acceptance in a Top 10 university in the USA and the UK. 

Here is a list of some of the universities our students have been accepted to this year.  The first list includes international universities and the second is for Japanese universities.  (Ranking based on Times Higher Education

Country International Universities World Ranking
USA University of California, Berkeley 7
Australia University of Melbourne 31
USA University of California, San Diego 33
Canada University of British Columbia 34
UK King’s College London 35
USA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 48
Australia University of Sydney 51
Netherlands University of Amsterdam 66
Country University Ranking
Japan Keio University 12
Japan Waseda University 13
Japan Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 22
Japan Aizu University 24


For a full list of the universities our students have been accepted to, please click here

We are accepting applications for 2022-2023