Welcoming Students Back to our Renovated Facilities 20 September 2021

It has been wonderful to have all the students back on campus, either everyday or 3 times a week. We would like to thank all of our families again for entrusting us with your children’s education and for your continuous support and understanding.

The Hikarigaoka Campus has completed the 2nd phase of the renovation project, which covered the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building. Now, the whole campus has been fully renovated, with the 1st phase covering the gymnasium and the 1st floor of the main building last summer. The students have been enjoying our newly renovated facilities, with more flexible learning spaces and areas for collaboration. We also now have an ubiquitous library model. Just as schools moved away from computer labs to ubiquitous devices and school-wide WiFi, our school has distributed our library collection throughout the school, located in each hallway, with books organized by lexile level and genre to better enable students to easily access books of interest and appropriate reading difficulty. This allowed the school to move away from an outdated model, reserving a limited resource (the traditional library) for a particular class, to a more facilitative model in which students and teachers may check out books at any time, and throughout the school.

As much as we would like to invite parents and families onto the campus, this will require some organization and more time. Until then, please enjoy some shots of our students participating in school activities.


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