G7 student’s artist’s debut! 13 December 2022

One of our Grade 7 students, Arthur Fujita had his artist debut as a newspaper illustrator!
© Arthur Fujita
Through the help of an MYP teacher, Mr. Oda , Arthur submitted his artwork to accompany Mr. Oda’s article. The artwork was accepted and published along with the article about the effects and achievements of film director Jean-Luc Godard’s work. It is very rare for a middle school student to illustrate for a newspaper, and Arthur’s illustrations are of very high quality. It is fantastic to see a student and teacher collaborating on a work that is shared with a wider community beyond our campus walls.


The newspaper’s article online site is


Comments from Mr.Oda

When I saw him at school drawing on his iPad, I was impressed because his drawing was so good. Usually I ask professional illustrator to draw an illustration for my columns, but when I was preparing the manuscript for my column this time, I thought ‘If Arthur wants to illustrate, wouldn’t it be a great experience for him to have his work published in the newspaper? So I decided not to commission a professional illustrator this time, but to publish Arthur’s drawing. I am very happy to have Arthur’s drawing as it is one of the most important things educationally to bring out the talents of the students.

Interview with Arthur
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